Liaisons Dangereuses, Les (2008) Orchestrations File

Identifier: LESLIAISONS2008 Orchestrations
Inclusive Dates: 2008
The sheet music in this folder is a bit mysterious; although there is no hard evidence in the production files, based on a press mention of singing and stage management scene breakdowns the pieces in the folder appear to have been performed in the production.  The sheet music includes: a 16-page document (faxed from the Library of Congress on April 1, 2008) with instrumental and vocal music for Jean-Baptiste Lully's "O Lachrymae Fideles", undated photocopies of Handel's "Cara Sposa" and "Bel Contento", undated photocopies from "Medee" (unclear whether it is from Charpentier's work or Cherubini's), and undated photocopies from Clerambault's "Pirame et Tisbe".  There is also handwritten musical notation on staff paper with lyrics, a brief song entitled "Les Liasons Vocal Line", a scene breakdown, and photocopied lyrics or a poem, two stanzas in German with the repeated last line "Liefde, wijn en poezie!". WIth the lack of other documentation, it is unclear exactly which of these were used in the production and how.  
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