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Identifier: MRSWARRENS2010
Inclusive Dates: 2010
Production Files documenting the 2010 production of George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession at the American Airlines Theatre.  Directed by Doug Hughes, with set design by Scott Pask, costume design by Catherine Zuber, lighting design by Kenneth Posner, original music and sound design by David Van Tiegham, and hair and wig design by Tom Watson.

The production starred Cherry Jones as Mrs. Kitty Warren and Sally Hawkins as Vivie Warren; with Adam Driver as Frank Gardner, Mark Harelik as Sir George Crofts, Edward Hibbert as Mr. Praed, and Michael Siberry as Reverend Samuel Gardner.  Stephanie Janssen, Charlotte Maier, Peter Bradbury and Cary Donaldson acted as understudies.

This production does not appear to have been nominated for any awards.
In George Bernard Shaw's work of 1893, the story centers on the relationship between Mrs Kitty Warren and her daughter, Vivie. Unbeknownst to her daughter, Mrs. Warren, is a former prostitute and current brothel owner. Vivie, an intelligent and pragmatic young woman who was sent off to boarding school at a young age, has just graduated from the University of Cambridge with honors in Mathematics and has come home to get acquainted with her mother at long last. Mrs. Warren's business partner Sir George Crofts pays a visit and is romantically attracted to Vivie; meanwhile, Vivie is involved with a handsome young neighbor Frank Gardner, and it is later revealed that his father Reverend Gardner has a history with Mrs. Warren and Vivie and Frank may be half-siblings. 

When Mrs. Warren's profession is revealed, Vivie is at first horrified, then in a complete reversal champions her mother's bold decision with the understanding it was made of necessity in order to support her daughter.  Ultimately, Vivie again rejects the relationship when she learns her mother continues to run the brothel regardless of her comfortable financial circumstances; Vivie disowns Mrs. Warren, dumps her fiancee, and escapes to an office job in London and the life of a spinster.  The play is a bitter commentary on the hypocrisy of prostitution and the limited social and employment opportunities available to women in Victorian Britain.

The play has had six Broadway appearances; it premiered in New York City at the Garrick Theatre in October, 1905.
Production Files span two Hollinger boxes containing 19 folders, a Playbill, a handful of marketing flyers, and the cast/family photo.

Digital holdings on the Archive 1 server include the following folders:
Costume Design (18 jpeg scans of costume renderings both individual and grouped)
Costume Photographs (Archive-shot jpegs of the 2 leading lady costumes)
Education (Pdf of Upstage study guide)
Management (Digital versions of contracts, contact sheets, design files, stage management docs)
Marketing Audience Services (Pdf of the on-sale memo)
Media (Folders for B Roll and photos from Wine, Social, Hiptix, etc events)
Opening Night (165 jpg photos)
Playbill (22 jpeg scans)
Press (Archive-scanned selects)
Production Photographs (Captioned selects and 602 original jpegs)
Props Images (Bobby Dowling's jpeg images of the rehearsal room, backstage, prop preset, etc)
Set Design (Jpeg scans of set model photos, drafted drawings, etc)
Show Art

There is a related collection of marketing materials on the Marketing Shelves.  Contracts and other confidential documents have been moved to the Contracts cabinets and access is restricted.  There is an additional print of the cast/family photo in the Photographs cabinet.

The Archive holds two costumes, one of Cherry Jones' and one of Sally Hawkins': pictures of these are on the Archive 1 server.  There is one prop from the show, a bunch of red roses, stored in the Prop Boxes.

An additional 15 scenic drafted drawings from the bid session are in the Map Drawers.
Access Restrictions: Open and available to approved researchers by appointment only. See folder details for specific restrictions.
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Mrs. Warren's Profession (2010)

This box contains the following folders:
Casting Sessions
Artistic Management
Stage Management Bible
Rehearsal Reports
Performance Reports
House Reports
NYPL Taping
Tony Voters
Education Research
Opening Night
This box contains the following folders:
Director's Notes and Binder
Master Script
Blocking Script
Set Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design