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Costume Sketch, Mrs. Stockmann Variations (An Enemy of the People)

Identifier: 2011.220.11

4 drawings : ink and watercolor on colored construction paper, fabric swatch for "Mama At Meeting" affixed to paper with adhesive, col. ; 11 in. x 14 in.

Depicts (1) "Mama at Meeting" (orange paper) depicts red velvet floor length dress with slight bustle, gauze shawl neckline, lace at wrist and hem of dress, bonnet with feather; (2) "Mama, final act" (purple paper) depicts full length blue dress with high starched white collar, purple pinafore. Mama holds a straw broom in her hand; (3) "Mrs. Stockmann, act I" (orange paper) depicts Princess line dress in orange with white lace ruffle at hem and wrists, white tie around neck, bustle has large matching fabric bow; matching wide band ribbon with bow in hair; (4) 'Mrs. Stockmann at office" (orange paper) depicts red Princess dress with patterned hem, cloak with robe fasteners at breast line, bustle and bonnet with band and feathers.

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