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Props (The Language Archive)

Identifier: 2011.160.1

1 suitcase (embossed black leather with forest green lining, two side pockets, two snap locks on outside) containing several props from The Language Archive, includes:

1. Eye examination chart  (chart is new and was built into the suitcase by stage hands. The label on the chart reads "Easy Eye Company, Sandusky, Ohio");

2. Pinhole occluder labeled "Colonial Optical Company";

3. Small vintage magnifying glass (minus the glass) made with wooden handle and metal head.

4. (3) loaves of bread made of flexible polyurethane taken from the bakery scene (includes one large braided baguette, one small poppy seed baguette, one small sesame seed baguette; glue from production is affixed to bottom of both small loaves;

5. (2) Crystal BM3 (Japan) microphones on stand with cables.



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