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Lucky (Waiting For Godot)

Identifier: 2011.150.14

9 items ; 38 in. x 24 in. x 6 in.

1 full length brown canvas overcoat with arms cut off, oversize brown buttons, distressed, stained and ripped (label reads "Eric Winterling, Inc. NY, Mr. Glover");

1 pair black wool trousers with pant legs cut to create fringe hem (label reads "Eric Winterling, Inc. NY, Mr. Glover");

1 gray striped vest;

2 green thermal long sleeve shirts distressed and stained (one is an understudy shirt with label "Tony N");

1 pair gray fingerless gloves;

1 tan scarf;

1 gray wrap;

1 bowler hat (Arnold Hatters, Inc.).

Designed by Jane Greenwood. Worn by John Glover as Lucky.

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