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Flower Girl with Headdress (Pal Joey)

Identifier: 2011.150.16

5 items ; 24 in. x 60 in. garment bag

1 nude/sheer mesh halter leotard with key hole back, built in bra, and stays.  Body of leotard decorated with heat-set gems, while bra cups outlined with pearl strands and decorated with iridescent lace ribbon flowers and glittered ribbon in cross-hatch pattern.  Leotard includes back zipper with hook and eye closure (at lower back) as well as two hook and eye closures at nape.   Typed label reading "Isenegger" sewn into left neck.

1 pair of white mesh fingerless gloves/mitts trimmed with white iridescent ribbons.  Lavender and white flowers, made of iridescent organdy, sewn across back of mitts.  Flower-shaped sequins (made of clear iridescent plastic), lavender beads, and a lilac-colored crystal form "pistil" and stamen" of flowers.  Body of glove trimmed with heat-set sequins.  Clear, hard plastic fibers, trimmed with blue, green and white plastic beads, pearls, and green iridescent plastic leaves, cascade from white plastic buttons affixed to wrist of mitt. 

1 farthingale-style, half-hoop skirt constructed from stiff, coated wire.  The hoop form is covered with layers of lavender and periwinkle colored tulle, silver metallic lace, plastic iridescent gems, and iridescent and lavender colored organza ribbon, finished with a  floor-length over-layer of white net trimmed in white and iridescent organza flowers.   The hoop is suspended from a moleskin covered harness finished with gold iridescent ribbon.  A nude-colored mesh front closure is secured with snaps and hooks and eyes, and is covered in lavender and white organza flowers, trimmed with iridescent sequins and lavender colored beads and crystals.  Clear, hard  plastic fibers trimmed with blue, green, and white plastic beads, pearls, and green iridescent plastic leaves spring from the center back waist of hoop.  A typed label reading  "Carelli Costumes New York, Ms. Saab" is affixed at center back.

1 flower headdress constructed atop a hard plastic mesh base covered in lavender and periwinkle colored tulle, white and celadon colored horse hair, frayed silver ribbon, iridescent sequins,  iridescent heat-set gems, blue and silver ribbon, green and periwinkle colored plastic ferns/greenery, lilac colored beads and crystals, silver metallic lace, and celadon colored feathers.  A white "pole" covered in white feathers and iridescent glitter extends up from the center of the headpiece, ending with an explosion of pliable plastic fibers covered in iridescent glitter and silver foil squares which cascade down, fountain-like.  A typed label affixed inside the headpiece reads "Corelli Costumes, New York, Ms. Saab".  "KG" and "Heather" written in ballpoint pen on plastic mesh, center back.

Designed by William Ivey Long. Worn by actors Krista Saab and Nadine Isenegger.

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