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Parts for Violin 1. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick (Follies)

Identifier: 2010.230.23

1 folder containing parts for violin 1 ; 9.5 in. x 12.5 in.

Numbers include:

No. 1, Prologue No. 1A, Overture No. 2, Beautiful girls No. 2A Beautiful girls - underscore (tacet) No. 3, Don't look at me - verse No. 3A, Who's that woman - underscore (tacet) No. 3B, Loveland - underscore (tacet) No. 4, Don't look at me No. 4A, Foxtrot - verse underscore (tacet) No. 4B, One more kiss - underscore (tacet) No. 4C, Ah, Paris! - underscore (tacet) No. 5, Waiting for the girls upstairs No. 5A, Transition to montage No. 6, Rain on the roof No. 6A, Ah, Paris! No. 6B, Broadway baby (v.s.) No. 6B, Broadway baby No. 6C, Rain on the roof - underscore (tacet) No. 8, Loveland - underscore #2 (tacet) No. 8A, Slow foxtrot - underscore (tacet) No. 9, Danse d'amour No. 10, In Buddy's eyes No. 11, Who's that woman? - underscore #2 (tacet) No. 12, Who's that woman? No. 13, Broadway baby - underscore (tacet) No. 14, I'm still here No. 14A, Blues - underscore (tacet) No. 15, Too many mornings No. 15A, Act II intro No. 16, The right girl No. 16A, Two cues (tacet) No. 16A, Isn't it a wonder? No. 17, One more kiss No. 18, Could I leave you? No. 19-1, Loveland No. 19-2, You're gonna love tomorrow No. 19-3, Buddy's blues No. 19-3A, Blues playoff No. 19-4, Losing my mind No. 19-5, Lucy and Jessie No. 19-6, Live, laugh, love No. 20, Bows

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