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Parts for Keyboard 2. Music and lyrics by Maury Yeston; orchestrations by Larry Hochman (Death Takes a Holiday)

Identifier: 2011.230.32

1 folder containing parts for keyboard 2 ; 8.5 in. x 11.5 in.

Numbers include:

No. 1, Prologue (In the Middle of Your Life); No. 2, Nothing Happened; No. 2A, The Spin; No. 2B, Centuries #1; No. 2C, Grazia's Entrance; No. 2D, Back to the Car; No. 3, The Villa; No. 4, How Will I Know; No. 5, Centuries; No. 6, Why Do All Men Fear Me; No. 6A, Falling Petals; No. 6B, Death's Exit; No. 7, Knock at the Door; No. 7A, Fidele's Welcome; No. 7B, Sirki's Arrival; No. 8, Death is in the House; No. 9, Alive!; No. 10, Alive Playoff/Garden Scene; No. 11, Sunlight Vamps #1; No. 12, Life's a Joy; No. 13, Bathing Music #1; No. 14, Who is this Man?; No. 14A, Servant's Entrance; No.15, Life's a Joy (reprise); No. 16, Shimmy Like They Do in Paree; No. 17, Lunch Music; No. 18, Roberto's Eyes (includes key half step up from original); No. 18A, Bathing Music #2; No. 18B, Grotto Atmosphere #1; No. 19, Alone Here with You (includes step down to D min); No. 20, Entr'acte; No. 20A, Something's Happened; No. 20B, Something's Happened (reprise); No. 21, Losing Roberto; No. 21A, Into Act II, Scene 3; No. 22, What Do You Do?; No. 22A, Grotto Atmosphere #2; No. 23, More and More; No. 23A, Act II, Scene 6; No. 23B, Opening Act II, Scene 7; No. 24, Finally to Know; No. 24A, Sirki Packing; No. 25, I Thought that I Could Live; No. 25A, Sunlight Vamps #2; No. 26, December Time; No. 27, Pavane; No. 27A, Final Scene; No. 28, More and More (reprise); No. 28A, Midnight; No. 28B, Reveal; No. 29, In the Middle of Your Life (reprise); No. 29A, End of Show; No. 30, Bows; No. 31, Exit Music

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