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Interview with Acme Sound Partners' Nevin Steinberg and Tom Clark (Twentieth Century)

Identifier: 2011.193.97

1 sound cassette [micro-audio] (17 min. 33 sec.) : analog, 1 access CD; 1 WAV preservation master; 1 MP3 web copy.

Interview with sound designers Nevin Steinberg and Tom Clark from Acme Sound Partners conducted in 2004 by Ted Sod for the Education department. Interview features Steinberg and Clark discussing working together and with another designers - Mark Menard, the importance of the train in the play, combination of train sounds and musical accompaniment, finding authentic 1930s train sounds, incorporating unauthentic or other sounds to satisfy certain goals, the technology used to produce sounds, amplifying sounds, the role and positioning of the sound operator, their career backgrounds, and other projects by Acme Sound Partners.

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