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Parts for Bass. Music and lyrics by Scott Joplin and Irving Berlin; book by Mark Saltzman (Tin Pan Alley Rag)

Identifier: 2010.230.58

1 folder containing parts for bass ; 9.5 in. x 12.5 in.

Numbers include:

No. 1, Pluggers on Parade (medley) No. 1a, Pluggers montage No. 1b, Opening sequence part 3: title song (tacet) No. 2, I love a piano (tacet) No. 2a, Ragtime gypsy (tacet) No. 2b, 2c, 2d, incidentals (tacet) No. 3, A real slow drag I: dreamonisha No. 4, Oh, promise me No. 4a, Maple leaf rag sequence No. 5, Jimmy Kelly songs No. 5a, Choo choo sale No. 6, When the midnight choo choo leaves for Alabam' No. 7, Ragtime dance No. 7a, Fragment: when I lost you (tacet) No. 8, You'd be surprised No. 8a, Reprise: oh, promise me/scene change No. 9, Everybody's doin' it now No. 9a, Solace (tango) No. 10, When I lost you (tacet) No. 11, Play a simple melody No. 12, Ernst's office: the entertainer (tacet) No. 13, I want to see my child tonight (tacet) No. 13a, Transition: Harlem to office (tacet) No. 14, American rhapsody (tacet) No. 15, American rhapsody (continued) (tacet) No. 16, Alexander's ragtime band No. 16a, 16b, 16c, Berlin medley/valet/chaos No. 17, Finale: a real slow drag No. 18, Bows and exit music (maple leaf rag)

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