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Master Score [Playreading 2009]. Music and lyrics by Maury Yeston (Death Takes a Holiday)

Identifier: 2010.230.63

1 vol. ; 9.5 in. x 11 in.

Numbers include:

No. 1, Prologue No. 2, Before curtain up! No. 3, Nothing happened No. 4, The spin No. 4a, Centuries 1 (death) No. 5, Grazia's entrance No. 6, Back to the car No. 6a, Before what is going on? No. 7, Boundless love - intro No. 8, Boundless love (Grazia) No. 9, Centuries 2 (death) No. 10, Why do all men (death) No. 11, Centuries underscore No. 11a, Death is in the house No. 12, Alive! No. 12a, Garden scene No. 12b, Life's a joy No. 12c, What kind of girl is this? No. 13, Who is this man? No. 13a, Life's a joy (reprise) No. 14, Shimmy like they do in Paree No. 14a, Alice's repetition No. 15, Roberto's eyes (Eric's reverie) No. 16, Alone here with you No. 19, Something's happened No. 20a, Losing Roberto No. 14a, What do you do? No. 20, More and more No. 21, Finally, to know No. 22, Before I thought that I could live No. 22a, I thought that I could live No. 23, December time - piano solo No. 24, Pavane No. 25c, More and more reprise No. 26, Prologue



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