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Set Model (Look Back in Anger, 2012)

Identifier: 2012.165.2

1 model nestled in hinged cardboard box with smaller box labeled props containing minature prop pieces : 27.5 in. x 17 in. x 14 in.

Smaller box (13 in. x 10 in, x 2 in.) built from foamcore and tape contains the following pieces:

2 green chairs, 2 dressers, 1 credenza, 1 floor lamp, 1 desk lamp, 2 brown chairs, 2 ironing boards, 1 tray with bottles in varying sizes, 2 male figures, 1 female figure, 1 men's dress shirt, 1 mattress with blanket, 1 side table, black risers in varying sizes, 1 Mexican incense box labeled "Canela", hundreds of newspapers.

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Look Back in Anger (2012)

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Andrew Lieberman



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