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Parts for Violin. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; orchestrations by Michael Starobin (Sondheim on Sondheim)

Identifier: 2010.230.70

1 folder containing parts for violin ; 9.5 in. x 12.5 in.

Numbers include:

No. 1, Overture (part 1) No. 1A, Overture (part 2) No. 1B, Piano Lesson No. 2, I'll Meet You at the Donut No. 3, Invocation/Forget War No. 3A, Love is in the Air No. 3B, Comedy Tonight No. 4, Take Me to the World No. 6, Saturday Night Transition No. 7, So Many People No. 7A, West Side underscore No. 8, Something's Coming No. 9, You Could Drive A Person Crazy No. 10, The Wedding is Off No. 10A, Now you Know No. 11, Franklin Shepard, Inc. No. 12, Good Thing Going No. 13, Waiting for the Girls No. 14, Epiphany No. 15, I Read No. 16, Is This What You Call Love? No. 17, Loving You No. 18, Happiness No. 19, Ever After No. 19A, A Weekend in the Country No. 19B, Sunday No. 20, Sunday Entr'acte No. 21, God No. 22, Losing My Mind/Not A Day Goes By No. 23, Opening Doors No. 24, The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened No. 24A, Underscore before Amys No. 25, Multitude of Amy No. 25A, Happily Ever After No. 25B, Being Alive No. 25C, Before Ah, But Underneath No. 26, Ah, But Underneath No. 27, In Buddy's Eyes No. 28, Something Just Broke No. 29, Gun Song No. 30, Do I Hear a Waltz No. 30A, Smile Intro No. 31, Smile Girls No. 31A, Smile Playoff No. 32, Finishing the Hat No. 33, Beautiful No. 34, Children Will Listen No. 35, Send in the Clowns No. 36, Company-Old Friends No. 37, Anyone Can Whistle No. 38, Bows No. 39, Exit Music

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